Where is winterbourne care home?

Abuse · Reaction · Systemic Failures · Investigations. For the past four months, CQC has reviewed and inspected all services provided by Castlebeck Care (Teesdale) Ltd at its 24 locations. Local social services and the English national regulator (Care Quality Commission) had received several warnings, but the abuse continued. The CQC reported a systemic failure to protect people or investigate allegations of abuse and said Castlebeck Care had misled the health watchdog.

The Daily Telegraph said: “It's impossible to read the details of what happened at Winterbourne View, a nursing home for the severely disabled in Gloucestershire, without feeling repelled. He initially blamed Winterbourne managers who, the CQC said, deceived us by not keeping us informed about the incidents. When they were satisfied that those arrangements were in place, CQC took compliance steps to remove the record of Winterbourne View, the legal process for closing a location. Inspectors said staff didn't seem to understand the needs of people in their care, adults with learning disabilities, complex needs and challenging behaviors.

Prosecutor Kerry Barker said care guardians failed to act on repeated warnings of inhumane, cruel and hate-fueled treatment of patients. People were hired who had no experience in care services, referrals were not always checked, and staff were not properly trained or supervised. The report released today finds that Castlebeck Care Ltd (Teesdale) did not meet 10 of the essential standards that providers are required by law to meet. The lawyers representing the 11 defendants apologized on behalf of their clients, but blamed Castlebeck's culture, calling it the disease, cancer and fog that had enveloped Winterbourne View.

So-called restraint techniques were used to inflict pain, humiliate patients and intimidate them into complying with the demands of their caregivers, he said. Since then, Winterbourne View has been closed, but thousands of patients with learning disabilities continue to live in similar units for extended periods of time. Whistleblower Terry Bryan, a former home nurse, contacted the BBC after his warnings were ignored by Castlebeck Ltd, which owned the hospital, and care guardians.

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