Which care home fees?

Other options include long-term care insurance benefits, nursing home tax deductions, and moving to a state where the cost of nursing home care is less expensive. It's also important to check with your skilled nursing facility what types of care and services are included in the fees charged and which may have an additional cost. If the person you care for is enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan under Medicare Part C, they will also cover nursing home care, at least to the same extent (described below) as Medicare Part A, and perhaps with somewhat broader coverage. Assisted living offers the benefits of community living and support for activities of daily living (ADL), but it is not ideal for someone who needs significant medical assistance or round-the-clock supervision, and may be the most expensive option for people who require memory care.

No special paperwork is needed to apply for Medicare nursing home coverage; the nursing home itself handles the entire administration. Many Americans use long-term care insurance to cover nursing home fees and other personal care costs in old age. Learn more about nursing home costs by state, what's included in the cost of nursing home care and the average nursing home cost you can expect Nursing care expenses can be paid privately, but they can also be offset in a number of ways, such as through health insurance, life insurance, long-term insurance policies, savings, reverse mortgages, and assistance from local or regional agencies. If nursing home costs are not reasonable for your personal budget and a doctor feels that constant supervision of your aging loved one is not necessary, an assisted living facility may be able to meet your care needs.

There is also the VA Community Living Centers, which provide short-term residential care along with ongoing outpatient care. Under certain circumstances, Medicare Part A covers this specialized care for a limited time while the patient recovers from a serious illness, condition, or injury. Where nursing home care tends to be cheaper are the South and Southeast, and also parts of the Midwest. Those who meet all of these conditions under original Medicare will qualify for assistance as follows.

Medicaid nursing home coverage is only available to people who can't care for themselves at home. For the first 20 days at a facility, Medicare pays for all covered charges, except for items such as a telephone or television, or a private room that is not medically necessary. The long-term cost of nursing home care will depend on many factors, such as your location, the provider you choose, how long you plan to stay, and whether any special services are needed.

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